Returns the last path component of a given URL.


func CFURLCopyLastPathComponent(_ url: CFURL!) -> CFString!



The CFURL object to examine.

Return Value

The last path component of url. Ownership follows the create rule. See The Create Rule.


Note that if there is no last path component, this function returns an empty string. In the code sample shown in Listing 1, lastPathComponent is an empty string.

Listing 1

Code sample illustrating CFURLCopyLastPathComponent

CFStringRef urlString = CFSTR("");
CFURLRef url = CFURLCreateWithString(NULL, urlString, NULL);
CFStringRef lastPathComponent = CFURLCopyLastPathComponent (url);

If urlString were created with CFSTR(""), then lastPathComponent would be a CFString object containing the character “/“.

See also CFURLCopyPathExtension(_:).

See Also

Accessing the Parts of a URL

func CFURLCanBeDecomposed(CFURL!) -> Bool

Determines if the given URL conforms to RFC 1808 and therefore can be decomposed.

func CFURLCopyFragment(CFURL!, CFString!) -> CFString!

Returns the fragment from a given URL.

func CFURLCopyHostName(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns the host name of a given URL.

func CFURLCopyNetLocation(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns the net location portion of a given URL.

func CFURLCopyParameterString(CFURL!, CFString!) -> CFString!

Returns the parameter string from a given URL.

func CFURLCopyPassword(CFURL!) -> CFString!

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func CFURLCopyPath(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns the path portion of a given URL.

func CFURLCopyPathExtension(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns the path extension of a given URL.

func CFURLCopyQueryString(CFURL!, CFString!) -> CFString!

Returns the query string of a given URL.

func CFURLCopyResourceSpecifier(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns any additional resource specifiers after the path.

func CFURLCopyScheme(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns the scheme portion of a given URL.

func CFURLCopyUserName(CFURL!) -> CFString!

Returns the user name from a given URL.

func CFURLGetPortNumber(CFURL!) -> Int32

Returns the port number from a given URL.

func CFURLHasDirectoryPath(CFURL!) -> Bool

Determines if a given URL's path represents a directory.