Finds a token that includes the character at a given index, and set it as the current token.


func CFStringTokenizerGoToTokenAtIndex(_ tokenizer: CFStringTokenizer!, _ index: CFIndex) -> CFStringTokenizerTokenType



A CFStringTokenizer object.


The index of a character in the string for tokenizer.

Return Value

The type of the token if the tokenizer succeeded in finding a token and setting it as the current token. Returns kCFStringTokenizerTokenNone if the tokenizer failed to find a token. For possible values, see CFStringTokenizerTokenType.


You can obtain the range and attribute of the token calling CFStringTokenizerGetCurrentTokenRange(_:) and CFStringTokenizerCopyCurrentTokenAttribute(_:_:). If the token is a compound (with type kCFStringTokenizerTokenHasSubTokensMask or kCFStringTokenizerTokenHasDerivedSubTokensMask), you can obtain its subtokens and (or) derived subtokens by calling CFStringTokenizerGetCurrentSubTokens(_:_:_:_:).

See Also

Changing the Location

func CFStringTokenizerAdvanceToNextToken(CFStringTokenizer!) -> CFStringTokenizerTokenType

Advances the tokenizer to the next token and sets that as the current token.

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