Returns the application’s Darwin notification center.


func CFNotificationCenterGetDarwinNotifyCenter() -> CFNotificationCenter!

Return Value

The application’s Darwin notification center.


This notification center is used to cover the <notify.h> Core OS notification mechanism (see /usr/include/notify.h). An application has only one Darwin notification center, so this function returns the same value each time it is called.

The Darwin Notify Center has no notion of per-user sessions, all notifications are system-wide. As with distributed notifications, the main thread's run loop must be running in one of the common modes (usually kCFRunLoopDefaultMode) for Darwin-style notifications to be delivered.

See Also

Accessing a Notification Center

func CFNotificationCenterGetDistributedCenter() -> CFNotificationCenter!

Returns the application’s distributed notification center.

func CFNotificationCenterGetLocalCenter() -> CFNotificationCenter!

Returns the application’s local notification center.

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