Creates a CFRunLoopSource object for a CFMessagePort object.


CFRunLoopSourceRef CFMessagePortCreateRunLoopSource(CFAllocatorRef allocator, CFMessagePortRef local, CFIndex order);



The allocator to use to allocate memory for the new object. Pass NULL or kCFAllocatorDefault to use the current default allocator.


The message port for which to create a run loop source.


A priority index indicating the order in which run loop sources are processed. order is currently ignored by CFMessagePort object run loop sources. Pass 0 for this value.

Return Value

The new CFRunLoopSource object for ms. Ownership follows the The Create Rule.


The run loop source is not automatically added to a run loop. To add the source to a run loop, use CFRunLoopAddSource.

Special Considerations

This method is not available on iOS 7 and later—it will return NULL and log a sandbox violation in syslog. See Concurrency Programming Guide for possible replacement technologies.

See Also

Configuring a CFMessagePort Object


Sets the callback function invoked when a CFMessagePort object is invalidated.


Sets the name of a local CFMessagePort object.

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