Returns the type used by a CFNumber object to store its value.


func CFNumberGetType(_ number: CFNumber!) -> CFNumberType



The CFNumber object to examine.

Return Value

A constant that indicates the data type of the value contained in number. See CFNumberType for a list of possible values.


The type specified in the call to CFNumberCreate(_:_:_:) is not necessarily preserved when a new CFNumber object is created—it uses whatever internal storage type the creation function deems appropriate.

See Also

Getting Information About Numbers

func CFNumberGetByteSize(CFNumber!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of bytes used by a CFNumber object to store its value.

func CFNumberGetValue(CFNumber!, CFNumberType, UnsafeMutableRawPointer!) -> Bool

Obtains the value of a CFNumber object cast to a specified type.

func CFNumberIsFloatType(CFNumber!) -> Bool

Determines whether a CFNumber object contains a value stored as one of the defined floating point types.