Replaces those bytes in a CFMutableData object that fall within a specified range with other bytes.


func CFDataReplaceBytes(_ theData: CFMutableData!, _ range: CFRange, _ newBytes: UnsafePointer<UInt8>!, _ newLength: CFIndex)



A CFMutableData object. If you pass an immutable CFData object, the behavior is not defined.


The range of bytes (that is, the starting byte and the number of bytes from that point) to delete from theData's byte buffer.


A pointer to the buffer containing the replacement bytes.


The number of bytes in the byte buffer newBytes.

See Also

Modifying a Mutable Data Object

func CFDataAppendBytes(CFMutableData!, UnsafePointer<UInt8>!, CFIndex)

Appends the bytes from a byte buffer to the contents of a CFData object.

func CFDataDeleteBytes(CFMutableData!, CFRange)

Deletes the bytes in a CFMutableData object within a specified range.

func CFDataIncreaseLength(CFMutableData!, CFIndex)

Increases the length of a CFMutableData object's internal byte buffer, zero-filling the extension to the buffer.

func CFDataSetLength(CFMutableData!, CFIndex)

Resets the length of a CFMutableData object's internal byte buffer.