Base Utilities


Core Foundation defines a number of miscellaneous symbols that are either used by many different opaque types, such as CFIndex, or apply to Core Foundation as a whole, such as kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber. These symbols are collected together and documented here.


Core Foundation Base Utilities Miscellaneous Functions

func CFRangeMake(CFIndex, CFIndex) -> CFRange

Declares and initializes a CFRange structure.


typealias CFComparatorFunction

Callback function that compares two values. You provide a pointer to this callback in certain Core Foundation sorting functions.

Data Types

typealias CFIndex

Priority values used for kAXPriorityKey

typealias CFOptionFlags

A bitfield used for passing special allocation and other requests into Core Foundation functions.

struct CFRange

A structure representing a range of sequential items in a container, such as characters in a buffer or elements in a collection.


enum CFComparisonResult

Constants returned by comparison functions, indicating whether a value is equal to, less than, or greater than another value.

Value Not Found

Special value returned when a Core Foundation function cannot locate a requested value.

Current Framework Version Number

Current version number of the Core Foundation framework.

Framework Version Numbers

Version numbers of the Core Foundation framework.