Type Alias


Prototype of a callback function that may be applied to every value in an array.


typealias CFArrayApplierFunction = (UnsafeRawPointer?, UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> Void



The current value in an array.


The program-defined context parameter given to the applier function.


This callback is passed to the CFArrayApplyFunction(_:_:_:_:) function, which iterates over the values in an array and applies the behavior defined in the applier function to each value in an array.

See Also


typealias CFArrayCopyDescriptionCallBack

Prototype of a callback function used to get a description of a value in an array.

typealias CFArrayEqualCallBack

Prototype of a callback function used to determine if two values in an array are equal.

typealias CFArrayReleaseCallBack

Prototype of a callback function used to release a value before it’s removed from an array.

typealias CFArrayRetainCallBack

Prototype of a callback function used to retain a value being added to an array.

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