Flags used by CFNumber to indicate the data type of a value.


enum CFNumberType : CFIndex


The type specified in the call to CFNumberCreate(_:_:_:) is not necessarily preserved when creating a new CFNumber object. A CFNumber object uses whatever internal storage type the creation function deems appropriate. Use the CFNumberGetType(_:) function to find out what type the CFNumber object used to store your value.



case sInt8Type

Eight-bit, signed integer. The SInt8 data type is defined in MacTypes.h.

case sInt16Type

Sixteen-bit, signed integer. The SInt16 data type is defined in MacTypes.h.

case sInt32Type

Thirty-two-bit, signed integer. The SInt32 data type is defined in MacTypes.h.

case sInt64Type

Sixty-four-bit, signed integer. The SInt64 data type is defined in MacTypes.h.

case float32Type

Thirty-two-bit real. The Float32 data type is defined in MacTypes.h.

case float64Type

Sixty-four-bit real. The Float64 data type is defined in MacTypes.h and conforms to the 64-bit IEEE 754 standard.

case charType

Basic C char type.

case shortType

Basic C short type.

case intType

Basic C int type.

case longType

Basic C long type.

case longLongType

Basic C long long type.

case floatType

Basic C float type.

case doubleType

Basic C double type.

case cfIndexType

CFIndex value.

case nsIntegerType

NSInteger value.

case cgFloatType

CGFloat value.

static var maxType: CFNumberType

Same as CFNumberType.cgFloatType.

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