Type Alias


A callback which provides a plug-in the opportunity to dynamically register its types with a host.


typealias CFPlugInDynamicRegisterFunction = (CFPlugIn?) -> Void



The CFPlugIn object that is engaged in dynamic registration. When using in C++, this parameter functions as a this pointer for the plug-in.


This callback is called as a plug-in is being loaded. This provides the plugin the means to dynamically register its types and factories with a plug-in’s host. The call is triggered by the presence of kCFPlugInDynamicRegistrationKey in the plug-in's information property list.

See Also


typealias CFPlugInFactoryFunction

Callback function that a plug-in author must implement to create a plug-in instance.

typealias CFPlugInUnloadFunction

Callback function that is called, if present, just before a plug-in's code is unloaded.