Type Alias


Callback invoked when certain types of activity takes place on a CFSocket object.




The CFSocket object that experienced some activity.


The type of activity detected.


A CFData object holding the contents of a struct sockaddr appropriate for the protocol family of s (struct sockaddr_in or struct sockaddr_in6, for example), identifying the remote address to which s is connected. This value is NULL except for kCFSocketAcceptCallBack and kCFSocketDataCallBack callbacks.


Data appropriate for the callback type. For a kCFSocketConnectCallBack that failed in the background, it is a pointer to an SInt32 error code; for a kCFSocketAcceptCallBack, it is a pointer to a CFSocketNativeHandle; or for a kCFSocketDataCallBack, it is a CFData object containing the incoming data. In all other cases, it is NULL.


The info member of the CFSocketContext structure that was used when creating the CFSocket object.


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