Type for bookmark data resolution options.


struct CFURLBookmarkResolutionOptions


See Bookmark Data Resolution Options for possible values.


Type Properties

static var cfBookmarkResolutionWithoutMountingMask: CFURLBookmarkResolutionOptions

Specifies that no volume should be mounted during resolution of the bookmark data.

static var cfBookmarkResolutionWithoutUIMask: CFURLBookmarkResolutionOptions

Specifies that no UI feedback accompany resolution of the bookmark data.

static var cfurlBookmarkResolutionWithSecurityScope: CFURLBookmarkResolutionOptions

Specifies that the security scope, applied to the bookmark when it was created, should be used during resolution of the bookmark data.


Conforms To

See Also

Bookmark Data Types

struct CFURLBookmarkCreationOptions

Type for bookmark data creation options.

typealias CFURLBookmarkFileCreationOptions

Type for bookmark file creation options.

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