Creates a font object from an Apple Type Services (ATS) font.


CGFontRef CGFontCreateWithPlatformFont(void *platformFontReference);



A generic pointer to a font object. The font should be of a type appropriate to the platform on which your program is running. For macOS, you should pass a pointer to an ATS font.

Return Value

The font object, or NULL if the platform font could not be located. You are responsible for releasing this object using CGFontRelease.


Before drawing text in a Core Graphics context, you must set the font in the current graphics state. For ATS Fonts, call this function to create a font, and pass it to CGContextSetFont.

Special Considerations

This function is deprecated because it takes a pointer to an ATSFontRef object—itself deprecated—and is used almost solely by QuickDraw-based applications. There's no direct one-to-one replacement for the function. Clients using ATSUI and QuickDraw should move to Core Text and Core Graphics instead.

See Also

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