Creates a gradient object from a color space and the provided color objects and locations.


CGGradientRef CGGradientCreateWithColors(CGColorSpaceRef space, CFArrayRef colors, const CGFloat *locations);



The color space to use for the gradient. You cannot use a pattern or indexed color space.


A non-empty array of CGColor objects that should be in the color space specified by space. If space is not NULL, each color will be converted (if necessary) to that color space and the gradient will drawn in that color space. Otherwise, each color will be converted to and drawn in the GenericRGB color space.


The location for each color provided in colors; each location must be a CGFloat value in the range of 0 to 1, inclusive. If 0 and 1 are not in the locations array, Quartz uses the colors provided that are closest to 0 and 1 for those locations.

If locations is NULL, the first color in colors is assigned to location 0, the last color in colors is assigned to location 1, and intervening colors are assigned locations that are at equal intervals in between.

The locations array should contain the same number of items as the colors array.

Return Value

A CGGradient object.

See Also

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Creates a CGGradient object from a color space and the provided color components and locations.

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