Creates a URL-based PDF graphics context.


CGContextRef CGPDFContextCreateWithURL(CFURLRef url, const CGRect *mediaBox, CFDictionaryRef auxiliaryInfo);



A Core Foundation URL that specifies where you want to place the resulting PDF file.


A rectangle that specifies the bounds of the PDF. The origin of the rectangle should typically be (0,0). The CGPDFContextCreateWithURL function uses this rectangle as the default page media bounding box. If you pass NULL, CGPDFContextCreateWithURL uses a default page size of 8.5 by 11 inches (612 by 792 points).


A dictionary that specifies any additional information to be used by the PDF context when generating the PDF file, or NULL. The dictionary is retained by the new context, so on return you may safely release it.

Return Value

A new PDF context, or NULL if a context could not be created. You are responsible for releasing this object using CGContextRelease.


When you call this function, Core Graphics creates a PDF drawing environment—that is, a graphics context—to your specifications. When you draw into the resulting context, Core Graphics renders your drawing as a series of PDF drawing commands stored in the specified location.

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