Creates a conversion between an arbitrary number of specified color spaces.




A dictionary containing options for color space conversion. See Color Conversion Options.


The first color space in the conversion.


The role of the first color space to the conversion process. See CGColorConversionInfoTransformType.


The rendering intent to use with the first color space. See CGColorRenderingIntent.


A NULL-terminated list of additional colorSpace, transformType, renderingIntent triplets.

Return Value

A color conversion object, or nil if no conversion between the specified color spaces is allowed.


To call this function you must pass a triplet of color space, transform type, and rendering intent for each color space in the chain of conversions. For example, the following code is equivalent to calling CGColorConversionInfoCreate:

// convert from `src` to `dst` space with default intent
    src, kCGColorConversionTransformFromSpace, kCGRenderingIntentDefault,
    dst, kCGColorConversionTransformToSpace,   kCGRenderingIntentDefault,

To extend this example to convert through an intermediate color space, insert another space/type/intent triplet between the src and dst lines, using the kCGColorConversionTransformApplySpace type.

The listed color spaces must be calibrated color spaces (that is, not device-specific or indexed color spaces), and the list must contain at least two color spaces (that is, two triplets of space, type, and intent).

You can use a color conversion object to create MPSImageConversion filters that perform GPU-accelerated color space conversion.

See Also

Creating a Color Conversion


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Constants describing how a color conversion uses color spaces.

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