Creates a calibrated RGB color space.


init?(calibratedRGBWhitePoint whitePoint: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>, blackPoint: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?, gamma: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?, matrix: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?)



An array of 3 numbers specifying the tristimulus value, in the CIE 1931 XYZ-space, of the diffuse white point.


An array of 3 numbers specifying the tristimulus value, in CIE 1931 XYZ-space, of the diffuse black point.


An array of 3 numbers specifying the gamma for the red, green, and blue components of the color space.


An array of 9 numbers specifying the linear interpretation of the gamma-modified RGB values of the color space with respect to the final XYZ representation.

Return Value

A new calibrated RGB color space. You are responsible for releasing this object by calling CGColorSpaceRelease. If unsuccessful, returns NULL.


Creates a device-independent RGB color space that represents colors relative to a reference white point. This white point is based on the whitest light that can be generated by the output device. Colors in a device-independent color space should appear the same when displayed on different devices, to the extent that the capabilities of the device allow.

For color spaces that require a detailed gamma, such as the piecewise transfer function used in sRGB or ITU-R BT.709, you may want to use the function init(iccBasedNComponents:range:profile:alternate:) instead, because it can accurately represent these gamma curves.

See Also

Creating Color Spaces

init?(iccBasedNComponents: Int, range: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?, profile: CGDataProvider, alternate: CGColorSpace?)

Creates a device-independent color space that is defined according to the ICC color profile specification.

init?(indexedBaseSpace: CGColorSpace, last: Int, colorTable: UnsafePointer<UInt8>)

Creates an indexed color space, consisting of colors specified by a color lookup table.

init?(labWhitePoint: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>, blackPoint: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?, range: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?)

Creates a device-independent color space that is relative to human color perception, according to the CIE L*a*b* standard.

init?(patternBaseSpace: CGColorSpace?)

Creates a pattern color space.

init?(iccProfileData: CFData)

Creates an ICC-based color space using the ICC profile contained in the specified data.

init?(name: CFString)

Creates a specified type of Quartz color space.

init?(platformColorSpaceRef: UnsafeRawPointer)

Creates a platform-specific color space.

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