Instance Method


Returns a copy of the ICC profile data of the provided color space.


func copyICCData() -> CFData?



The color space whose ICC profile you want to obtain.

Return Value

The ICC profile data or NULL if the color space does not have an ICC data profile.

See Also

Examining a Color Space

var baseColorSpace: CGColorSpace?

Returns the base color space of a pattern or indexed color space.

var numberOfComponents: Int

Returns the number of color components in a color space.

var model: CGColorSpaceModel

Returns the color space model of the provided color space.

enum CGColorSpaceModel

Models for color spaces.

var colorTable: [UInt8]?

The entries in the color table of an indexed color space.

func copyPropertyList() -> CFPropertyList?

Returns a copy of the color space's properties.

var iccData: CFData?

Returns a copy of the ICC profile of the provided color space.

var name: CFString?

Returns the name used to create the specified color space.

var supportsOutput: Bool

Returns a Boolean indicating whether the color space can be used as a destination color space.

var isWideGamutRGB: Bool

Returns whether the RGB color space covers a significant portion of the NTSC color gamut.