Instance Method


Sets the accuracy of curved paths in a graphics context.


func setFlatness(_ flatness: CGFloat)



The largest permissible distance, measured in device pixels, between a point on the true curve and a point on the approximated curve.


This function controls how accurately curved paths are rendered. Setting the flatness value to less than 1.0 renders highly accurate curves, but lengthens rendering times.

In most cases, you should not change the flatness value. Customizing the flatness value for the capabilities of a particular output device impairs the ability of your application to render to other devices.

See Also

Setting Path Drawing Options

func setAllowsAntialiasing(Bool)

Sets whether or not to allow antialiasing for a graphics context.

func setLineCap(CGLineCap)

Sets the style for the endpoints of lines drawn in a graphics context.

func setLineDash(phase: CGFloat, lengths: [CGFloat])

Sets the pattern for drawing dashed lines.

func setLineJoin(CGLineJoin)

Sets the style for the joins of connected lines in a graphics context.

func setLineWidth(CGFloat)

Sets the line width for a graphics context.

func setMiterLimit(CGFloat)

Sets the miter limit for the joins of connected lines in a graphics context.

func setPatternPhase(CGSize)

Sets the pattern phase of a context.

func setFillPattern(CGPattern, colorComponents: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>)

Sets the fill pattern in the specified graphics context.

func setShouldAntialias(Bool)

Sets antialiasing on or off for a graphics context.

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