Instance Method


Rotates the user coordinate system in a context.


func rotate(by angle: CGFloat)



The angle, in radians, by which to rotate the coordinate space of the specified context. Positive values rotate counterclockwise and negative values rotate clockwise.)


The direction that the context is rotated may appear to be altered by the state of the current transformation matrix prior to executing this function. For example, on iOS, a UIView applies a transformation to the graphics context that inverts the Y-axis (by multiplying it by -1). Rotating the user coordinate system on coordinate system that was previously flipped results in a rotation in the opposite direction (that is, positive values appear to rotate the coordinate system in the clockwise direction).

See Also

Working with the Current Transformation Matrix

var ctm: CGAffineTransform

Returns the current transformation matrix.

func scaleBy(x: CGFloat, y: CGFloat)

Changes the scale of the user coordinate system in a context.

func translateBy(x: CGFloat, y: CGFloat)

Changes the origin of the user coordinate system in a context.

func concatenate(CGAffineTransform)

Transforms the user coordinate system in a context using a specified matrix.

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