Instance Method


Sets the pattern for drawing dashed lines.


func setLineDash(phase: CGFloat, lengths: [CGFloat])



A value that specifies how far into the dash pattern the line starts, in units of the user space. For example, a value of 0 draws a line starting with the beginning of a dash pattern, and a value of 3 means the line is drawn with the dash pattern starting at three units from its beginning.


An array of values that specify the lengths, in user space coordinates, of the painted and unpainted segments of the dash pattern.

For example, the array [2,3] sets a dash pattern that alternates between a 2-unit-long painted segment and a 3-unit-long unpainted segment. The array [1,3,4,2] sets the pattern to a 1-unit painted segment, a 3-unit unpainted segment, a 4-unit painted segment, and a 2-unit unpainted segment.Pass an empty array to clear the dash pattern so that all stroke drawing in the context uses solid lines.

See Also

Setting Path Drawing Options

func setAllowsAntialiasing(Bool)

Sets whether or not to allow antialiasing for a graphics context.

func setFlatness(CGFloat)

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func setLineCap(CGLineCap)

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func setLineWidth(CGFloat)

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func setPatternPhase(CGSize)

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func setFillPattern(CGPattern, colorComponents: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>)

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func setShouldAntialias(Bool)

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