Creates a data consumer that uses callback functions to write data.




A pointer to data of any type or NULL. When the callback is called, Core Graphics passes this pointer as the info parameter.


A pointer to a structure that specifies the callback functions you implement to copy data sent to the consumer and to handle the consumer’s basic memory management. For a complete description, see CGDataConsumerCallbacks.

Return Value

A new data consumer object. You are responsible for releasing this object using CGDataConsumerRelease.

See Also

Creating Data Consumers

init?(url: CFURL)

Creates a data consumer that writes data to a location specified by a URL.

init?(data: CFMutableData)

Creates a data consumer that writes to a CFData object.

struct CGDataConsumerCallbacks

A structure that contains pointers to callback functions that manage the copying of data for a data consumer.

typealias CGDataConsumerPutBytesCallback

Copies data from a Core Graphics-supplied buffer into a data consumer.

typealias CGDataConsumerReleaseInfoCallback

Releases any private data or resources associated with the data consumer.

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