Creates a direct-access data provider that uses data your program supplies.


init?(dataInfo info: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?, data: UnsafeRawPointer, size: Int, releaseData: CGDataProviderReleaseDataCallback)



A pointer to data of any type, or NULL. When Core Graphics calls the function specified in the releaseData parameter, it sends this pointer as its first argument.


A pointer to the array of data that the provider contains.


A value that specifies the number of bytes that the data provider contains.


A pointer to a release callback for the data provider, or NULL. Your release function is called when Core Graphics frees the data provider. For more information, see CGDataProviderReleaseDataCallback.

Return Value

A new data provider. You are responsible for releasing this object using CGDataProviderRelease.


You use this function to create a direct-access data provider that uses callback functions to read data from your program an entire block at one time.

See Also

Creating Direct-Access Data Providers

init?(data: CFData)

Creates a data provider that reads from a CFData object.

init?(url: CFURL)

Creates a direct-access data provider that uses a URL to supply data.

init?(filename: UnsafePointer<Int8>)

Creates a direct-access data provider that uses a file to supply data.

struct CGDataProviderDirectCallbacks

Defines pointers to client-defined callback functions that manage the sending of data for a direct-access data provider.

typealias CGDataProviderGetBytePointerCallback

A callback function that returns a generic pointer to the provider data.

typealias CGDataProviderGetBytesAtPositionCallback

A callback function that copies data from the provider into a Core Graphics buffer.

typealias CGDataProviderReleaseBytePointerCallback

A callback function that releases the pointer Core Graphics obtained by calling CGDataProviderGetBytePointerCallback.

typealias CGDataProviderReleaseInfoCallback

A callback function that releases any private data or resources associated with the data provider.

typealias CGDataProviderReleaseDataCallback

A callback function that releases data you supply to the function init(dataInfo:data:size:releaseData:).

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