A uniform type for result codes returned by functions in Core Graphics.


enum CGError : Int32


Enumeration Cases

case cannotComplete

The requested operation is inappropriate for the parameters passed in, or the current system state.

case failure

A general failure occurred.

case illegalArgument

One or more of the parameters passed to a function are invalid. Check for NULL pointers.

case invalidConnection

The parameter representing a connection to the window server is invalid.

case invalidContext

The CPSProcessSerNum or context identifier parameter is not valid.

case invalidOperation

The requested operation is not valid for the parameters passed in, or the current system state.

case noneAvailable

The requested operation could not be completed as the indicated resources were not found.

case notImplemented

Return value from obsolete function stubs present for binary compatibility, but not typically called.

case rangeCheck

A parameter passed in has a value that is inappropriate, or which does not map to a useful operation or value.

case success

The requested operation was completed successfully.

case typeCheck

A data type or token was encountered that did not match the expected type or token.

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