Instance Method


Gets the advance width of each glyph in the provided array.


func getGlyphAdvances(glyphs: UnsafePointer<CGGlyph>, count: Int, advances: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int32>) -> Bool



An array of glyphs.


The number of glyphs in the array.


On output, an array of of advance widths for the provided glyphs.

Return Value

true unless the advance widths can’t be provided for some reason.

See Also

Working with Glyphs

var numberOfGlyphs: Int

Returns the number of glyphs in a font.

func name(for: CGGlyph) -> CFString?

Returns the glyph name of the specified glyph in the specified font.

func getGlyphWithGlyphName(name: CFString) -> CGGlyph

Returns the glyph for the glyph name associated with the specified font object.

typealias CGGlyph

An index into the internal glyph table of a font.

let kCGGlyphMax: CGFontIndex

The maximum allowed value of a CGGlyph.

typealias CGFontIndex

An index into a font table.

let kCGFontIndexMax: CGFontIndex

The maximum allowed value of a CGFontIndex.

let kCGFontIndexInvalid: CGFontIndex

A value representing an invalid CGFontIndex.