Levels of interpolation quality for rendering an image.


enum CGInterpolationQuality : Int32


You use the function CGContextSetInterpolationQuality(_:_:) to set the interpolation quality in a graphics context.



case `default`

The default level of quality.

case none

No interpolation.

case low

A low level of interpolation quality. This setting may speed up image rendering.

case medium

A medium level of interpolation quality. This setting is slower than the low setting but faster than the high setting.

case high

A high level of interpolation quality. This setting may slow down image rendering.

See Also

Drawing Images and PDF Content

func draw(CGImage, in: CGRect, byTiling: Bool)

Draws an image in the specified area.

func drawPDFPage(CGPDFPage)

Draws the content of a PDF page into the current graphics context.

var interpolationQuality: CGInterpolationQuality

Returns the current level of interpolation quality for a graphics context.

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