Instance Property


Returns the current point in a graphics path.


var currentPoint: CGPoint { get }



The path to evaluate.

Return Value

The current point in the specified path.


If the path is empty—that is, if it has no elements—this function returns CGPointZero (see CGGeometry). To determine whether a path is empty, use isEmpty.

See Also

Examining a Graphics Path

var boundingBox: CGRect

Returns the bounding box containing all points in a graphics path.

var boundingBoxOfPath: CGRect

Returns the bounding box of a graphics path.

func contains(CGPoint, using: CGPathFillRule, transform: CGAffineTransform) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified point is interior to the path.

var isEmpty: Bool

Indicates whether or not a graphics path is empty.

func isRect(UnsafeMutablePointer<CGRect>?) -> Bool

Indicates whether or not a graphics path represents a rectangle.

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