Create an immutable path of a rounded rectangle.


init(roundedRect rect: CGRect, cornerWidth: CGFloat, cornerHeight: CGFloat, transform: UnsafePointer<CGAffineTransform>?)



The rectangle to add.


The width of the rounded corner sections.


The height of the rounded corner sections.


A pointer to an affine transformation matrix, or NULL if no transformation is needed. If specified, Core Graphics applies the transformation to the rectangle before it is added to the path.

Return Value

A new, immutable path. You are responsible for releasing this object.


This is a convenience function that creates a path of an rounded rectangle. Using this convenience function is more efficient than creating a mutable path and adding an rectangle to it.

Each corner of the rounded rectangle is one-quarter of an ellipse with axes equal to the cornerWidth and cornerHeight parameters. The rounded rectangle forms a complete subpath and is oriented in the clockwise direction.

See Also

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