Instance Property


Returns whether the specified PDF document is currently unlocked.


var isUnlocked: Bool { get }



A PDF document.

Return Value

A Boolean that, if true, indicates that the document is not locked. If the value is false, the document is locked.


There are two possible reasons why a PDF document is unlocked:

  • The document is not encrypted.

  • The document is encrypted, and a valid password was previously specified using unlockWithPassword(_:).

See Also

Working with an Encrypted PDF Document

var isEncrypted: Bool

Returns whether the specified PDF file is encrypted.

var allowsCopying: Bool

Returns whether the specified PDF document allows copying.

var allowsPrinting: Bool

Returns whether a PDF document allows printing.

func unlockWithPassword(UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> Bool

Unlocks an encrypted PDF document when a valid password is supplied.

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