A page in a PDF document.


The CGPDFPage opaque type represents a page in a PDF document.


Getting the CFType ID

class var typeID: CFTypeID

Returns the CFType ID for PDF page objects.

Getting Page Information

func getBoxRect(CGPDFBox) -> CGRect

Returns the rectangle that represents a type of box for a content region or page dimensions of a PDF page.

var dictionary: CGPDFDictionaryRef?

Returns the dictionary of a PDF page.

var document: CGPDFDocument?

Returns the document for a page.

func getDrawingTransform(CGPDFBox, rect: CGRect, rotate: Int32, preserveAspectRatio: Bool) -> CGAffineTransform

Returns the affine transform that maps a box to a given rectangle on a PDF page.

var pageNumber: Int

Returns the page number of the specified PDF page.

var rotationAngle: Int32

Returns the rotation angle of a PDF page.

Data Types

class CGPDFPage

A type that represents a page in a PDF document.


enum CGPDFBox

Box types for a PDF page.

See Also

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