Instance Method


Returns the affine transform that maps a box to a given rectangle on a PDF page.


func getDrawingTransform(_ box: CGPDFBox, rect: CGRect, rotate: Int32, preserveAspectRatio: Bool) -> CGAffineTransform



A constant that specifies the type of box. For possible values, see CGPDFBox.


A Quartz rectangle.


An integer, that must be a multiple of 90, that specifies the angle by which the specified rectangle is rotated clockwise.


A Boolean value that specifies whether or not the aspect ratio should be preserved. A value of true specifies that the aspect ratio should be preserved.

Return Value

An affine transform that maps the box specified by the box parameter to the rectangle specified by the rect parameter.


Quartz constructs the affine transform as follows:

  • Computes the effective rectangle by intersecting the rectangle associated with box and the /MediaBox entry of the specified page.

  • Rotates the effective rectangle according to the page’s /Rotate entry.

  • Centers the resulting rectangle on rect.If the value of the rotate parameter is non-zero, then the rectangle is rotated clockwise by rotate degrees. The value of rotate must be a multiple of 90.

  • Scales the rectangle, if necessary, so that it coincides with the edges of rect. If the value of preserveAspectRatio parameter is true, then the final rectangle coincides with the edges of rect only in the more restrictive dimension.

See Also

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func getBoxRect(CGPDFBox) -> CGRect

Returns the rectangle that represents a type of box for a content region or page dimensions of a PDF page.

var dictionary: CGPDFDictionaryRef?

Returns the dictionary of a PDF page.

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var pageNumber: Int

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