Instance Method


Returns a rectangle with an origin that is offset from that of the source rectangle.


func offsetBy(dx: CGFloat, dy: CGFloat) -> CGRect



The offset value for the x-coordinate.


The offset value for the y-coordinate.

Return Value

A rectangle that is the same size as the source, but with its origin offset by dx units along the x-axis and dy units along the y-axis with respect to the source. Returns a null rectangle if rect is a null rectangle.

See Also

Creating Derived Rectangles

var standardized: CGRect

Returns a rectangle with a positive width and height.

var integral: CGRect

Returns the smallest rectangle that results from converting the source rectangle values to integers.

func applying(CGAffineTransform) -> CGRect

Applies an affine transform to a rectangle.

func insetBy(dx: CGFloat, dy: CGFloat) -> CGRect

Returns a rectangle that is smaller or larger than the source rectangle, with the same center point.

func union(CGRect) -> CGRect

Returns the smallest rectangle that contains the two source rectangles.

func intersection(CGRect) -> CGRect

Returns the intersection of two rectangles.

enum CGRectEdge

Coordinates that establish the edges of a rectangle.