Instance Property


Returns whether a rectangle is infinite.


var isInfinite: Bool { get }



The rectangle to examine.

Return Value

Returns true if the specified rectangle is infinite; otherwise, false.


An infinite rectangle is one that has no defined bounds. Infinite rectangles can be created as output from a tiling filter. For example, the Core Image framework perspective tile filter creates an image whose extent is described by an infinite rectangle.

See Also

Checking Characteristics

func intersects(CGRect) -> Bool

Returns whether two rectangles intersect.

func contains(CGPoint) -> Bool

Returns whether a rectangle contains a specified point.

func contains(CGRect) -> Bool

Returns whether the first rectangle contains the second rectangle.

var isEmpty: Bool

Returns whether a rectangle has zero width or height, or is a null rectangle.

var isNull: Bool

Returns whether the rectangle is equal to the null rectangle.

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