Core Graphics Data Types

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Data Types

typealias CGButtonCount

Represents the number of buttons being set in a synthetic mouse event.

typealias CGCharCode

Represents a character generated by pressing one or more keys on a keyboard.

typealias CGDirectDisplayID

A unique identifier for an attached display.

typealias CGDisplayBlendFraction

The percentage of blend color used in a fade operation.

typealias CGDisplayConfigRef

A reference to a display configuration transaction.

typealias CGDisplayCount

The number of displays in various lists.

typealias CGDisplayErr

A uniform type for result codes returned by functions in Quartz Display Services.

typealias CGDisplayFadeInterval

The duration in seconds of a fade operation or a fade hardware reservation.

typealias CGDisplayFadeReservationToken

A token issued by Quartz when reserving one or more displays for a fade operation during a specified interval.

typealias CGDisplayReconfigurationCallBack

A client-supplied callback function that’s invoked whenever the configuration of a local display is changed.

typealias CGDisplayReservationInterval

The time interval for a fade reservation.

typealias CGDisplayStreamFrameAvailableHandler

A block called when a data stream has a new frame event to process.

typealias CGEventMask

Defines a mask that identifies the set of Quartz events to be observed in an event tap.

typealias CGEventSourceKeyboardType

Defines a code that represents the type of keyboard used with a specified event source.

typealias CGEventTapCallBack

A client-supplied callback function that’s invoked whenever an associated event tap receives a Quartz event.

typealias CGEventTapInformation

Defines the structure used to report information about event taps.

typealias CGEventTapProxy

Defines an opaque type that represents state within the client application that’s associated with an event tap.

typealias CGEventTimestamp

Defines the elapsed time in nanoseconds since startup that a Quartz event occurred.

typealias CGGammaValue

A value used to map a color generated in software to a color supported by the display hardware.

typealias CGKeyCode

Represents the virtual key codes used in keyboard events.

typealias CGOpenGLDisplayMask

A bitmask used in OpenGL to specify a set of attached displays.

typealias CGRectCount

The size of an array of Quartz rectangles.

typealias CGRefreshRate

A display’s refresh rate in frames per second.

typealias CGScreenRefreshCallback

A client-supplied callback function that’s invoked when an area of the display is modified or refreshed.

typealias CGScreenUpdateMoveCallback

A client-supplied callback function invoked when an area of the display is moved.

typealias CGWheelCount

Represents the number of wheels being set in a scroll wheel event.

typealias CGWindowID

The data type used to store window identifiers.

typealias CGWindowLevel

A level assigned to a window by an application framework.