Core Graphics Enumerations

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enum CGColorConversionInfoTransformType

Constants describing how a color conversion uses color spaces.

enum CGColorRenderingIntent

Handling options for colors that are not located within the destination color space of a graphics context.

enum CGDisplayStreamFrameStatus

Describes a frame update event.

enum CGDisplayStreamUpdateRectType

Use these constants to determine which rectangles your app is interested in.

enum CGError

A uniform type for result codes returned by functions in Core Graphics.

enum CGEventField

Constants used as keys to access specialized fields in low-level events.

enum CGEventMouseSubtype

Constants used with the CGEventField.mouseEventSubtype event field.

enum CGEventSourceStateID

Constants that specify the possible source states of an event source.

enum CGEventSuppressionState

Specify the event suppression states that can occur after posting an event.

enum CGEventTapLocation

Constants that specify possible tapping points for events.

enum CGEventTapOptions

Constants that specify whether a new event tap is an active filter or a passive listener.

enum CGEventTapPlacement

Constants that specify where a new event tap is inserted into the list of active event taps.

enum CGEventType

Constants that specify the different types of input events.

enum CGMouseButton

Constants that specify buttons on a one, two, or three-button mouse.

enum CGScrollEventUnit

Constants that specify the unit of measurement for a scrolling event.

enum CGWindowBackingType

The data type used to specify the backing option for a given window.

enum CGWindowLevelKey

Keys that represent the standard window levels in macOS. Quartz includes these keys to support application frameworks like Cocoa. Applications do not need to use them directly.

enum CGWindowSharingType

The data type used to specify the sharing mode used by a window.

enum CGLineCap

Styles for rendering the endpoint of a stroked line.

enum CGLineJoin

Junction types for stroked lines.

enum CGTextEncoding

Text encodings for fonts.