Core Graphics Structures

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struct CGCaptureOptions

Configuration parameters that are used when capturing displays.

struct CGConfigureOption

The scope of the changes in a display configuration transaction.

struct CGDisplayChangeSummaryFlags

The configuration parameters that are passed to a display reconfiguration callback function.

struct CGEventFilterMask

Specify masks for classes of low-level events that can be filtered during event suppression states.

struct CGEventFlags

Constants that indicate the modifier key state at the time an event is created, as well as other event-related states.

struct CGScreenUpdateMoveDelta

The distance, in pixel units, that an onscreen region moves.

struct CGScreenUpdateOperation

Types of screen-update operations.

struct CGWindowImageOption

The data type to use to specify the type of image to be generated for a window.

struct CGWindowListOption

The data type used to specify the options for gathering a list of windows.

struct CGPSConverterCallbacks

A structure for holding the callbacks provided when you create a PostScript converter object.