Type Property


A haptic event with a looped waveform of arbitrary length.


static let hapticContinuous: CHHapticEvent.EventType


Continuous haptic patterns, like the sustained vibration from a ringtone, take the form of lengthier feedback over a period of time. You must provide continuous events with a duration to determine their endpoint. The maximum duration of a continuous haptic event is 30 seconds.

See Also

Enumerating Haptic Types

static let audioContinuous: CHHapticEvent.EventType

An audio event with a looped waveform of arbitrary length.

static let audioCustom: CHHapticEvent.EventType

An audio event using a waveform that you supply.

static let hapticTransient: CHHapticEvent.EventType

A brief impulse occurring at a specific point in time, like the feedback from toggling a switch.