The types of audio and haptic event waveforms.


struct EventType


Specifying a Type

init(rawValue: String)

Initializes an event type from a raw string value.

Enumerating Haptic Types

static let audioContinuous: CHHapticEvent.EventType

An audio event with a looped waveform of arbitrary length.

static let audioCustom: CHHapticEvent.EventType

An audio event using a waveform that you supply.

static let hapticTransient: CHHapticEvent.EventType

A brief impulse occurring at a specific point in time, like the feedback from toggling a switch.

static let hapticContinuous: CHHapticEvent.EventType

A haptic event with a looped waveform of arbitrary length.


See Also

Categorizing Haptic Events

var type: CHHapticEvent.EventType

The type of the haptic event.


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