Basic Data Types

Colors, vectors, and other types used in applying or creating image filters.


Filter Parameters

class CIColor

The component values defining a color in a specific color space.

class CIVector

A container for coordinate values, direction vectors, matrices, and other non-scalar values, typically used in Core Image for filter parameters.

Image and Kernel Definition Parameters

class CIFilterShape

A description of the bounding shape of a filter and the domain of definition for a filter operation.

struct CIFormat

Pixel data formats for image input, output, and processing.

See Also

First Steps

Processing an Image Using Built-in Filters

Apply effects such as sepia tint, highlight strengthening, and scaling to images.

class CIImage

A representation of an image to be processed or produced by Core Image filters.

class CIFilter

An image processor that produces an image by manipulating one or more input images or by generating new image data.

class CIContext

An evaluation context for rendering image processing results and performing image analysis.