Instance Property


A formatted string that specifies the components of the color.


var stringRepresentation: String { get }


The string representation always has four components—red, green, blue, and alpha. The default value for the alpha component is 1.0. For example, this string:

@"0.5 0.7 0.3 1.0"

indicates an RGB color whose components are 50% red, 70% green, 30% blue, and 100% opaque (alpha value of 1.0).

See Also

Getting Color Components

var colorSpace: CGColorSpace

The Quartz 2D color space associated with the color.

var components: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>

The color components of the color.

var numberOfComponents: Int

Returns the number of color components in the color.

var red: CGFloat

The unpremultiplied red component of the color.

var green: CGFloat

The unpremultiplied green component of the color.

var blue: CGFloat

The unpremultiplied blue component of the color.

var alpha: CGFloat

The alpha value of the color.

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