Instance Property


The tracking identifier of the face object.


var trackingID: Int32 { get }


Core Image provides a tracking identifier for faces it detects in a video stream, which you can use to identify when a CIFaceFeature objects detected in one video frame is the same face detected in a previous video frame.

This identifier persists only as long as a face is in the frame and is not associated with a specific face. In other words, if a face moves out of the video frame and comes back into the frame later, another ID is assigned. (Core Image detects faces, but does not recognize specific faces.)

See Also

Tracking Distinct Faces in Video

var hasTrackingID: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the face object has a tracking ID.

var hasTrackingFrameCount: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates the face object has a tracking frame count.

var trackingFrameCount: Int32

The tracking frame count of the face.