Type Method


A filter which allows the processing of RAW images


+ (CIFilter *)filterWithImageData:(NSData *)data options:(NSDictionary<CIRAWFilterOption, id> *)options;



The RAW image data to initialize the object with.


A options dictionary. You can pass any of the keys defined in RAW Image Options along with the appropriate value. You should provide a source type identifier hint key (kCGImageSourceTypeIdentifierHint) and the appropriate source type value to help the decoder determine the file type. Otherwise it’s possible to obtain incorrect results. See the Discussion for an example

Return Value

A CIFilter object.


The first step when working with RAW images in Core Image is to process the image using either filterWithImageData:options: or filterWithImageURL:options:. These initializers create a CIFilter object with an outputImage which is a CIImage representation of the supplied RAW image. You can process After calling this method, the CIFilter object returns a CIImage object that is properly processed similar to images retrieved using the outputImage key.

See Also

Creating a Filter from a RAW Image

+ filterWithImageURL:options:

A filter which allows the processing of RAW images

+ filterWithCVPixelBuffer:properties:options:

Creates a filter from a Core Video pixel buffer.