Type Method


Blurs a rectangular area by enlarging contrasting pixels.


class func morphologyRectangleMaximum() -> CIFilter & CIMorphologyRectangleMaximum

Return Value

The blurred image.


This method applies the morphology rectangle maximum filter to an image. The effect targets a rectangular section of the image, calculating the median color values to find colors that make up more than half the working area. Using this calculation, the effect enlarges the pixels with contrasting colors to take up more of the working area. The effect is then repeated throughout the image.

The morphology rectangle maximum filter uses the following properties:


A float representing the width in pixels of the working area as an NSNumber.


A float representing the height in pixels of the working area as an NSNumber.


A CIImage representing the input image to apply the filter to.

The following code creates a filter that adds a blur to the input image while brighting the palm trees:

    func morphologyRectangleMaximum(inputImage: CIImage) -> CIImage? {

        let morphologyRectangleMaximumFilter = CIFilter.morphologyRectangleMaximum()
        morphologyRectangleMaximumFilter.inputImage = inputImage
        morphologyRectangleMaximumFilter.width = 5
        morphologyRectangleMaximumFilter.height = 5
        return morphologyRectangleMaximumFilter.outputImage
Two photographs of a beach at sunset with multiple palm trees. The photo on the left is clear and crisp. In the photo on the right, a morphology rectangle maximum blur has been applied, resulting in the palm trees becoming lighter and less distinct.

See Also


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class func gaussianBlur() -> CIFilter & CIGaussianBlur

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class func median() -> CIFilter & CIMedian

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class func morphologyMaximum() -> CIFilter & CIMorphologyMaximum

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class func morphologyMinimum() -> CIFilter & CIMorphologyMinimum

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class func morphologyRectangleMinimum() -> CIFilter & CIMorphologyRectangleMinimum

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class func noiseReduction() -> CIFilter & CINoiseReduction

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class func zoomBlur() -> CIFilter & CIZoomBlur

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