User Interface Options

Keys or values for the size of the input parameter controls for a filter view.



let IKUISizeFlavor: String

A key for the size of the controls in a filter view. The associated value can be IKUISizeMini, IKUISizeSmall, or IKUISizeRegular.

let IKUImaxSize: String

Controls whose dimensions are the maximum allowable for the filter view. A width or height of 0 indicates that dimension of the view is not restricted. If the size requested is too small, the filter is expected to return a view as small as possible. It is up to the client to verify that the returned view fits into the context.

let IKUIFlavorAllowFallback: String

Substitute controls of another size. The associated value is a Boolean value. If the filter cannot provide a view for the requested size and a fallback is allowed, the filter can use controls of a different size.