Instance Property


Returns an array of the exported keys.


var exportedKeys: [AnyHashable : Any] { get }

Return Value

An array of dictionaries that describe the exported key and target object. See kCIFilterGeneratorExportedKey, kCIFilterGeneratorExportedKeyTargetObject, and kCIFilterGeneratorExportedKey for keys used in the dictionary.


This method returns the keys that you exported using the exportKey(_:from:withName:) method or that were exported before being written to the file from which you read the filter chain.

See Also

Managing Exported Keys

func exportKey(String, from: Any, withName: String?)

Exports an input or output key of an object in the filter chain.

func removeExportedKey(String)

Removes a key that was previously exported.

func setAttributes([AnyHashable : Any], forExportedKey: String)

Sets a dictionary of attributes for an exported key.