Type Method


Creates an image accumulator with the specified extent and pixel format.


+ (instancetype)imageAccumulatorWithExtent:(CGRect)extent format:(CIFormat)format;



A rectangle that specifies the x-value of the rectangle origin, the y-value of the rectangle origin, and the width and height.


The format and size of each pixel. You must supply a pixel format constant, such as kCIFormatARGB8 (32 bit-per-pixel, fixed-point pixel format) or kCIFormatRGBAf (128 bit-per-pixel, floating-point pixel format). See CIImage for more information about pixel format constants.

Return Value

The image accumulator object.

See Also

Creating an Image Accumulator

+ imageAccumulatorWithExtent:format:colorSpace:

Creates an image accumulator with the specified extent, pixel format, and color space.