An object that manages feedback-based image processing for tasks such as painting or fluid simulation.


class CIImageAccumulator : NSObject


The CIImageAccumulator class enables feedback-based image processing for such things as iterative painting operations or fluid dynamics simulations. You use CIImageAccumulator objects in conjunction with other Core Image classes, such as CIFilter, CIImage, CIVector, and CIContext, to take advantage of the built-in Core Image filters when processing images.


Initializing an Image Accumulator

init?(extent: CGRect, format: CIFormat)

Initializes an image accumulator with the specified extent and pixel format.

init?(extent: CGRect, format: CIFormat, colorSpace: CGColorSpace)

Initializes an image accumulator with the specified extent, pixel format, and color space.

Setting an Image

func setImage(CIImage)

Sets the contents of the image accumulator to the contents of the specified image object.

func setImage(CIImage, dirtyRect: CGRect)

Updates an image accumulator with a subregion of an image object.

Obtaining Data From an Image Accumulator

var extent: CGRect

The extent of the image associated with the image accumulator.

var format: CIFormat

The pixel format of the image accumulator.

func image() -> CIImage

Returns the current contents of the image accumulator.

Resetting an Accumulator

func clear()

Resets the accumulator, discarding any pending updates and the current content.


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