The mechanism for loading image units in macOS.


class CIPlugIn : NSObject


An image unit is an image processing bundle that contains one or more Core Image filters. The .plugin extension indicates one or more filters that are packaged as an image unit.


Loading Plug-ins

class func loadAllPlugIns()

Scans directories for files that have the .plugin extension and then loads the image units.

class func loadNonExecutablePlugIns()

Scans directories for files that have the .plugin extension and then loads only those filters that are marked by the image unit as non-executable filters.

class func load(URL!, allowExecutableCode: Bool)

Loads filters from an image unit that have the appropriate executable status.



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Image Units

class CIFilterGenerator

An object that creates and configures chains of individual image filters.

protocol CIPlugInRegistration

The interface for loading Core Image image units.

protocol CIFilterConstructor

A general interface for objects that produce CIFilter instances.

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