Instance Property


The render destination's representation of alpha (transparency) values.


var alphaMode: CIRenderDestinationAlphaMode { get set }


This property defaults to an appropriate value given the object with which you initialized the CIRenderDestination.

See Also

Customizing Rendering

enum CIRenderDestinationAlphaMode

Different ways of representing alpha.

var blendKernel: CIBlendKernel?

The destination's blend kernel.

var blendsInDestinationColorSpace: Bool

Indicator of whether to blend in the destination's color space.

var colorSpace: CGColorSpace?

The destination's color space.

var width: Int

The render destination's row width.

var height: Int

The render destination's buffer height.

var isClamped: Bool

Indicator of whether or not the destination clamps.

var isDithered: Bool

Indicator of whether or not the destination dithers.

var isFlipped: Bool

Indicator of whether the destination is flipped.

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