A GPU-based image processing routine that processes only the geometry information in an image, used to create custom Core Image filters.


class CIWarpKernel : CIKernel


The kernel language routine for a warp kernel has the following characteristics:

  • It uses exactly one input image.

  • Its return type is vec2 (Core Image Kernel Language) or float2 (Metal Shading Language), specifying a position in source image coordinates.

A warp kernel routine requires no input parameters (but can use additional custom parameters you declare). Typically, a warp kernel uses the destination coordinate function to look up the coordinates of the destination pixel currently being rendered, then computes a corresponding position in source image coordinates (output using the return keyword). Core Image then samples from the source image at the returned coordinates to produce a pixel color for the output image. For example, the Metal Shading Language source below implements a filter that passes through its input image unchanged.

#include <CoreImage/CoreImage.h>
extern "C" {
    namespace coreimage {
        float2 do_nothing(destination dest) {
            return dest.coord();

The equivalent code in Core Image Kernel Language is:

kernel vec2 do_nothing() {
    return destCoord();

The Core Image Kernel Language is a dialect of the OpenGL Shading Language. See Core Image Kernel Language Reference and Core Image Programming Guide for more details.


Creating a Kernel

init?(source: String)

Creates a warp kernel object from the specified kernel source code.


Applying a Kernel to Filter an Image

func apply(extent: CGRect, roiCallback: CIKernelROICallback, image: CIImage, arguments: [Any]) -> CIImage?

Creates a new image using the kernel and the specified input image and arguments.


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Writing Custom Kernels

Write your own custom kernels in either the Core Image Kernel Language or the Metal Shading Language.

class CIKernel

A GPU-based image processing routine used to create custom Core Image filters.

class CIColorKernel

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class CISampler

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